#5 Organic Farmer Tim Zweber

Tim Zweber is an organic farmer from Minnesota who is not only farming in a   modern and responsible way, but is connecting his world to the eating public by diving head-first into the world of social media to educate consumers.

We met Tim through Garrett’s dad, Mark, who works in the agricultural space in advertising and issues management. He suggested Tim as a guest who could really educate and entertain, and he was spot on. Tim lays out the details of what it takes to be an organic farmer, the preventative approach to problem solving that organic demands, and how we as consumers can be better educated and connected to our food. Along the way he and Garrett share a few good laughs, learn a thing or two about the quirky habits of various livestock, and touch on a conversation about the ethics of farming and eating responsibly. It’s a conversation we think is important for every community to have and we’re so grateful Tim sat down with us for a focused discussion.

Tim is incredibly present in the social media world so check out the links below for where you can find him, and listen in for an important conversation about where our food comes from and how we ought to eat.